About the Photographer

When I was a little boy, I enjoyed staring at different things with curiosity. All kinds of shapes, and colors drew my attention. Years later, I tried to recollect them in my memory and thought about the idea of keeping those unforgettable moments in the album. This desire developed the eager to take pictures since early years of my life. I was born and grew in a big industrial city that is also a seaport, Mariupol on the Azov Sea that is about four hundred miles from the Black Sea in Ukraine. There are also no high mountains, no evergreen trees and no woods. The sea was my favorite place where I used to spend hours observing it. It’s calmness in mornings was reflecting beautiful sunrises, but during the daytime it was roaring and majestic waves were spreading all over the sea. The dream of becoming a sailor was inside of my heart for a while, but the precious time spent with my dad who was a professional photographer changed it forever. It was he who new the seed of liking scenes, people’s faces, and landscapes.

My first memory of it is my own camera that was given by my dad at my ten-year birthday. With trembling hands, I took my first shot. It was an old tree by my house. Before I never look at it with such a curiosity. Fall turned its green leaves into golden ones. Breezy morning took those yellowish and brownish leaves from the tree and slowly put them, on the green grass. Staring from the window and amazed with beauty of the fall, I grabbed my new camera and immediately shot it. It was about twenty years ago. There was no change to see it right away because the film in the camera needed to be developed, and it wasn’t the last shot. I was impatient to see all my shot done by myself. Dad reminded me of being patient. It took hours to develop the film. The small square had images, but I wasn’t able to see it bigger. Printing was another step that took some time. Finally, after several hours spending in a dark room, I saw the first picture that is still in my album. My dad’s guidance and constant help led me to a quick progress. My camera was always with me and I followed my dad’s instructions to look around with widely opened eyes if I wanted to take nice pictures. It is fairly common knowledge that a good photographer knows that he should be quick to catch a moment. Being a good student at public school allowed me to develop my photographing skills everywhere. My classmates and various activities were objects bore the beloved exhibition at school. The experience to notice people’s fillings was developed fast, and pictures of sport events were so popular among my classmates. Besides gorgeous views of the sea was an excellent addition to the exhibition. I was addicted to taking pictures, but the primitive camera and devices didn’t let me to move forward.

The luck smiled at me. I married a beautiful girl and came to the U.S. Working hard as an immigrant to put the ends together; I was able to save enough money for the camera of my dream. As it turned out, I was able to use it, but still I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of my pictures. The lack of knows ledge in catching the right moment bothered me constantly. Each picture showed it. My efforts to solve this problem through Internet didn’t give the desired progress. Lack of knowledge and creativity prevented from capturing the right moment. It was incredibly valuable to document the lives of my precious daughters. As a beginner, I can now realize missing some very important moments from their birth. Again, the desire to capture the essence of a person was my goal. It led me to the class with the famous photographer Bryan Peterson. His ability to see faces, body language drew me like a magnet to worker on improving my skills. I was able to surprise and amaze myself with better pictures, it was super enjoyable.

One of my best-improved pictures was a picture of my daughters. They were happily running chasing each other without noticing anybody. I was hiding by the tree trying to catch a moment that would be a good picture. They both stood for a moment, raised their eyes to the blue sky and whispering something. I got quick snap shot. The picture shows their beautiful curious eyes and happy faces. Thus huge improvements are already done, I was looking forward to gain more knowledge in photography. So, the decision of becoming a student of the Academy of Art University was in my heart. I made my dream come true. I have learned plenty of useful in formation, and also I realized that everything is in my hands on the way to success, it requires time and efforts; however, it’s rewarding because this is a pursuit that I will never be bored with.