I was born and grew in a big industrial city that is also a seaport, Mariupol on the Azov Sea that is about four hundred miles from the Black Sea in Ukraine. There are also no high mountains, no evergreen trees and no woods. The sea was my favorite place where I used to spend hours observing it. It’s calmness in mornings was reflecting beautiful sunrises, but during the daytime it was roaring and majestic waves were spreading all over the sea. The dream of becoming a sailor was inside of my heart for a while, but the precious time spent with my dad who was a professional photographer changed it forever. It was he who new the seed of liking scenes, people’s faces, and landscapes.

"We had an amazing session with Dmitriy and his very helpful wife Veronica. He is so passionate about what he does; he puts his heart and soul in to every picture. So creative and captured a lot of beautiful in the moment shots. Very talented photographer, we would recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome family shoot."

- Katie Sipko